Who Are We?

Who are The Ranking Guys?

Although we joke a bit about ourselves as we don’t take ourselves so seriously we do have an extreme background in the SEO industry.  In addition to TheRankingGuys, we own some other services that are used by clients in many different online industries.

We are aware and very open that we do not expect you to be using just one service to rank a site. Realizing that people are generally not multi dimensional when it comes to ranking sites we have done a variety of things to aid others in their train of thought.

We have written on our blogs, shared in forums, did free consultations and even took phone calls to help others out and although we have the expertise to rank sites we do not seem to have the same experise to teach others how to generate the same results.

Those other online services we offer have been helping people get their personal sites over the past few years and gave us the idea to offer boutique personal SEO services.

TheRankingGuys was born out of the need for people to have specific boutique SEO for their sites and having been immersed in the industry so deeply we are sure that we can aid those who do not have the expertise or time to get sites ranked for specific keywords.

We refer to our service as a boutique one because we look at each individual site as a single entity and as opposed to throw a generic process at all the sites we set up a specific campaign for each client to move their sites up in the SERPS.

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Going from a generic mass backlinking process for all sites to a boutique backlinking process that is tailored to a specific sites’ needs will not only get the site ranked quicker, it will also not leave a footprint and thus be able to overcome many of the algorithm updates that come out from time to time.

You ‘re not just getting link builders for your money, you’re going to get a full service of your website to make sure that you get the best from your business before we even start ranking your site

The other thing we do for your sites is to suggest that you rank for ancillary keywords and actually give you those keywords so you can draw in even more organic traffic to your site

We know SEO inside out; we know how to rank any site and any keyword without any hassle at all. Did you know that we also look after your brand reputation for no extra cost for all clients?