The Process of the Ranking Guys once you joined up

The Process of the Ranking Guys once you joined up

Although we don’t have a set routine for every site, you can expect the basics to be like the bullet points below.

Rank Tracking

Within 48 business hours of your payment we will set you up on the rank tracking server, this will update either weekly on a Thursday and you will recieve an email every Friday.

Rookie & Seasoned Player update once a week

Veteran & Hall of Famer update every day

Custom deals will update on whatever we have agreed with you.

*If you have any issues then please do email us and let us know and we often do updates during the weekend

OnPage Suggestions

As OnSite Optimization plays a huge role in ranking your website and that’s one of the things we start with. Within 4 business days (normally quicker) of your payment, you will receive an email with suggestions to improve your overall OnSite SEO. These changes are mostly minor, but nevertheless very important. Sometimes we will go through this via Skype, whichever is easier for both parties.

Most of these changes won’t require any advanced technical skills, but if you do get stuck we are one email away.

Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics

Pretty much an ongoing process, if we have access to these (totally recommend this) we will have a run through and find any issues that may arise, if we find any issues then you will need to fix them. The last people you want to find errors with your site are Google so these will need to be fixed quickly and we will help you with this.

Link building

Normally the question that crops up the most and it’s normally something that we started within a few hours of you joining us, unless anything crops up that we would suggest otherwise.  (Very rare)

We have our own way of working out a strategy for ranking a website. Each website/niche is different. It’s more of a process than a method. We have been assessing websites and coming up with strategies for longer than we care to admit. Over that time, we have seen what works where, and we are only implementing strategies that we have tested on our own sites.

You will have links being built to your sites pretty much around the clock, you certainly won’t get tons and tons of links thrown at the site but you will get the right links, to the right pages using the right keywords. The way we do things can be slightly slower compared to spam or the next magic ‘Google Panda Safe’ tricks but you won’t be looking over your shoulder every time Google releases an update. And once you rank, you tend to stay.

One thing though, always be prepared for the odd shifts in Google, 95% of the time you rank and you will see your reports going up and up, but from time to time you may see the odd keyword drop down for a day or two – Don’t panic, it happens and we will most likely know about it before you do.

Ca n I help?

This is something we get asked quite a bit and most of the time the answer would be no, purely because what you do can affect what we do.

However, these are something’s you can do;

We have memberships on loads of press release services so feel free (and we welcome this) to send us up to 3 press releases a month about your business. We will absorb the cost of getting them released; think of it as a perk of joining us. This will really help us out and more importantly it will help you out.

Local directories and business profiles, sign up to them, promote your business as you would, we don’t mind but let us know.

Social networks, although we do the whole social signal stuff, you should be promoting your brand as a brand, you’re the face of it so get it out there but no spamming, it doesn’t work. One thing you have to be very cautious about is Google Pluses/Shares. Most of the providers overuse their accounts, and this doesn’t look good in Google’s eyes.


Have a question? Simply email us, we get most emails answered within a 2-6 hours 95% of the time during weekdays, although weekends are slower but never more than 10 hours.

You ‘re not just getting link builders for your money, you’re going to get a full service of your website to make sure that you get the best from your business before we even start ranking your site

The other thing we do for your sites is to suggest that you rank for ancillary keywords and actually give you those keywords so you can draw in even more organic traffic to your site

We know SEO inside out; we know how to rank any site and any keyword without any hassle at all. Did you know that we also look after your brand reputation for no extra cost for all clients?